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VCA2611 Evaluation Module



  • Fully assembeled evaluation board for the VCA2611
  • Single-ended input configuration for the LNP
  • Transformer coupled, single-ended input for the VCA
  • Adjustable gain range

Texas Instruments  VCA2611EVM

The VCA2611 is a dual, variable gain amplifier including a low-noise preamplifier (LNP). The VCA2611EVM evaluation module is designed to provide a complete evaluation platform for the VCA2611. The user can apply the input signal either to the LNP, or directly to the VCA section. The differential outputs of the VCA2611 are buffered using an op amp in a difference amplifier configuration. This amplifier is also capable of driving a terminated 50ohm load, suitable for lab test equipment. The installed switches allow the user to operate the VCA2611 in all possible configurations.

The VCA2611EVM requires a +5V supply for the VCA2611 itself, and an additional +/-5V for the output buffer opamps. All signal inputs and outputs use SMA connectors.