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VCA2617EVM Evaluation Module



  • Populated, ready to use evaluation board for the VCA2617
  • Single-ended, transformer coupled input configuration
  • Independent Channel controls
  • Adjustable output clamping level

Texas Instruments  VCA2617EVM

The VCA2617 is a dual-channel, continuously variable, voltage-controlled amplifier. The VCA2617EVM evaluation module is designed to allow for a quick setup and ease of use in evaluating the performance. Various modes of operation can be configured, for example using the transfomer coupled, or the direct single-ended input mode. The differential outputs of the VCA2617 are buffered using an op amp in a difference amplifier configuration.

The VCA2617EVM requires a +5 V supply for the VCA itself, and +/-5 V supplies for the buffer amplifiers. All signal inputs and outputs use SMA connectors.