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VCA8500BOARD 8-Channel VGA + LNP Devlopment Board



The features are as follow:

  • Easy testing of the VCA8500
  • Single-ended input
  • Three modes of operation:
    • Stand-Alone
    • PC-Control
    • Direct-Control

Texas Instruments  VCA8500BOARD

The VCA8500BOARD is designed to provide ease of use in evaluating the performance of the VCA8500, an 8 channel ultra-low power variable gain amplifier with low noise pre-amp. The development board operates in three modes: Stand-Alone, PC-Control, and Direct-Control. Stand-Alone mode uses an onboard microcontroller to enable the operation of the VCA8500. The functionality in Stand-Alone mode is limited to factory-programmed modes. PC-Control mode uses the included software to operate all of the functions of the VCA8500. The software was written on Windows XP and its operation has been verified with Windows XP. Direct-Control mode uses external control and data signals to control the functions of the VCA8500.