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XILINXPWR-082 Power Management Evaluation Module for Xilinx FPGAs



This board supports the following designs. All designs are downloadable from www.ti.com/xilinxfpga:

  • Virtex-II Pro Design 2 (PR220)
  • Spartan-3 Design 4 (PR216)
    • Requires resistor R7 be changed to 28.7kOhm to generate VCCINT=1.2V
    • RocketIO linear regulators (U4-U7) are not needed
  • Virtex-II Design 2 (PR219)
    • Requires linear regulator U2 be changed to TPS79433 to provide VCCAUX
    • RocketIO linear regulators (U4-U7) are not needed

Texas Instruments  XILINXPWR-082

This special evaluation module is intended for TI's Applications Personel, including TI distributor and TI representative applications personel, to evaluate the power management reference designs for Xilinx FPGAs, as seen in the reference design guide downloadable from www.ti.com/xilinxfpga.

Interested TI Applications Personel will receive order instructions by contacting fpgasupport@list.ti.com.