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Programmable gain, differential output high-speed transimpedance amplifier

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Package | PIN: VQFN (RGT) | 16
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
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  • Integrated programmable gain: 2 kΩ or 20 kΩ
  • Performance, gain = 2 kΩ, CPD = 1 pF:
    • Bandwidth: 500 MHz
    • Input-referred noise: 250nARMS
    • Rise, fall time: 0.7ns
  • Performance, gain = 20 kΩ, CPD = 1 pF:
    • Bandwidth: 250 MHz
    • Input-referred noise: 49 nARMS
    • Rise,fall time: 1.25 ns
  • Integrated ambient light cancellation
  • Integrated 100-mA protection clamp
  • Integrated output multiplexer
  • Wide output swing: 1.5 VPP
  • Quiescent current: 30 mA
  • Temperature range: –40 to +125°C

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Texas Instruments  XLMH32401IRGTT

The LMH32401 is a programmable-gain, single-ended, input-to-differential outputtransimpedance amplifier for light detection and ranging (LIDAR) applications and laser distancemeasurement systems. The LMH32401 can be configured in a gain of 2 kΩ or 20 kΩ. The LMH32401 has1.5 VPP of output swing and is designed to drive a 100-Ω load.

The LMH32401 has an integrated 100-mA clamp that protects the amplifier and allows thedevice to recover rapidly from an overloaded input condition. The LMH32401 also features anintegrated ambient light cancellation circuit that can be used instead of AC coupling between thephotodiode and the amplifier to save board space and system cost. The ambient light cancellationcircuit can be disabled in cases where DC coupling is required.

The LMH32401 can be placed in low-power mode using the EN pin toconserve power when the amplifier is not being used. Putting the amplifier in low-power mode placesits output pins in a high-impedance state. This feature allows several LMH32401 amplifiers to bemultiplexed to a single ADC with the EN control pin serving as themultiplexer select function.