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60-nA IQ, 1.8-V to 6.5-VIN, high-efficiency 750-mA step-down converter

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Package | PIN: HVSSOP (DGR) | 8
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Package qty | Carrier: 3,000 | LARGE T&R
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1-99 $1.77
100-249 $1.54
250-999 $1.05
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  • 60-nA operating quiescent current
  • 100% duty-cycle mode with 120-nA IQ
  • Input voltage range VIN from 1.8 V to 6.5 V
  • Output current up to 750 mA
  • RF friendly DCS-Control™
  • 80% efficiency at 1 µA IOUT (3.6 VIN to 1.8 VOUT)
  • 16 selectable output voltages via VSET pin
  • Auto transition PFM/PWM or forced-PWM mode
  • Selectable forced PWM and STOP modes
  • Output discharge function
  • 25-nA shutdown current
  • SON-8, WCSP-6 and thermally enhanced HVSSOP-8packages

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Texas Instruments  XPS62842DGRR

The TPS62840 is a high efficiency step-down converter with ultra-low operating quiescentcurrent of typically 60 nA. The device contains special circuitry to achieve just 120 nAIQ in 100% mode to further extend battery life near the end ofdischarge.

The device uses DCS-Control to cleanly power radios and operates with a typical switchingfrequency of 1.8 MHz. In Power-Save Mode the device extends the light load efficiency down to aload current range of 1-µA and below.

16 predefined output voltages can be selected by connecting a resistor to pin VSET,making the device flexible for various applications with a minimum amount of external components.

The device’s STOP pin immediately eliminates any switching noise in order to take anoise-free measurement in test & measurement systems.

The TPS6284x provides an output current of up to 750 mA. With an input voltage of 1.8 Vto 6.5 V, the device supports multiple power sources such as 2S to 4S Alkaline, 1S to 2SLi-MnO2 or 1S Li-Ion/Li-SOCl2.