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XTR111 Evaluation Module New Version

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Limit:  1

Features for the XTR111-2EVM

  • Easy handling of the small DFN package.
  • Easy access to all device pins.
  • Easily-configurable digital inputs (OD and EF) to disable the output, modify the output circuit forvoltage output, or apply a 4-mA signal shift.
  • LED indicator for the error flag
  • Output protection and filtering circuitry

Description for the XTR111-2EVM

The XTR111-2EVM is used for the basic functional evaluation of the XTR111.The XTR111-2EVM is initiallyconfigured to a basic setup for 0 mA to 20 mA operation with a 0-V to 5-Vinput. Note that although the accuracy of the gain setting resistor, RSET, used in the EVM is 0.1%, the XTR111 device has greater accuracy. The remaining resistors are standard 1%.The voltage regulator is set to 5 V.The EVM requires one external power-supply voltage with a range of 8 V to 40 V.