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12-Bit, Dual 500-MSPS or Single 1.0-GSPS, RF Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)


Package | PIN: NXA | 292
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Partial Tray
Qty Price
1-9 $348.16
10-24 $328.82
25-99 $320.53
100+ $314.00


  • Excellent Noise and Linearity up to and Above fIN = 2.7 GHz
  • Configurable to Either 1.6/1.0 GSPS Interleaved or 800/500 MSPS Dual ADC
  • New DESCLKIQ Mode for High Bandwidth, High Sampling Rate Apps
  • Pin-Compatible with ADC1xD1x00
  • AutoSync Feature for Multi-Chip Synchronization
  • Internally Terminated, Buffered, Differential Analog Inputs
  • Interleaved Timing Automatic and Manual Skew Adjust
  • Test Patterns at Output for System Debug
  • Time Stamp Feature to Capture External Trigger
  • Programmable Gain, Offset, and tAD Adjust Feature
  • 1:1 Non-Demuxed or 1:2 Demuxed LVDS Outputs
  • Key Specifications
    • Resolution 12 Bits
    • Interleaved 1.6/1.0 GSPS ADCIMD3 (Fin = 2.7GHz @ -13dBFS): -63/-61 dBc (typ)IMD3 (Fin = 2.7GHz @ -16dBFS): -71/-69 dBc (typ)Noise Floor: -152.2/-150.5 dBm/Hz (typ)Noise Power Ratio: 50.4/50.7 dB (typ)Power: 2.50/2.02 W (typ)
    • Dual 800/500 MSPS ADC, Fin = 498 MHzENOB: 9.5/9.6 Bits (typ)SNR: 59.7/59.7 dB (typ)SFDR: 71.2/72 dBc (typ)Power per Channel: 1.25/1.01 W (typ)

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Texas Instruments  ADC12D500RFIUT/NOPB

The 12-bit 1.6/1.0 GSPS ADC12D800/500RF is an RF-sampling GSPS ADC that can directly sample input frequencies up to and above 2.7 GHz. The ADC12D800/500RF augments the very large Nyquist zone of TI’s GSPS ADCs with excellent noise and linearity performance at RF frequencies, extending its usable range beyond the 7th Nyquist zone

The ADC12D800/500RF provides a flexible LVDS interface which has multiple SPI programmable options to facilitate board design and FPGA/ASIC data capture. The LVDS outputs are compatible with IEEE 1596.3-1996 and supports programmable common mode voltage. The product is packaged in a lead-free 292-ball thermally enhanced BGA package over the rated industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.