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12-Bit, 2.7-GSPS, RF Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)


Package | PIN: NKE | 68
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $1,137.96
10-24 $1,074.74
25-99 $1,047.65
100+ $1,026.30


  • Excellent Noise and Linearity up to and beyond FIN = 3 GHz
  • Configurable DDC
  • Decimation Factors from 4 to 32 (Complex Baseband Out)
  • Bypass Mode for Full Nyquist Output Bandwidth
  • Usable Output Bandwidth of 540 MHz at
    4x Decimation and 2700 MSPS
  • Usable Output Bandwidth of 320 MHz at
    4x Decimation and 1600 MSPS
  • Usable Output Bandwidth of 67.5 MHz at
    32x Decimation and 2700 MSPS
  • Usable Output Bandwidth of 40 MHz at
    32x Decimation and 1600 MSPS
  • Low Pin-Count JESD204B Subclass 1 Interface
  • Automatically Optimized Output Lane Count
  • Embedded Low Latency Signal Range Indication
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Key Specifications:
    • Max SamplingRate: 1600 or 2700 MSPS
    • Min Sampling Rate: 1000MSPS
    • DDC Output Word Size: 15-Bit Complex (30 bits total)
    • Bypass Output Word Size: 12-Bit Offset Binary
    • Noise Floor: –147.3 dBFS/Hz (ADC12J2700)
    • Noise Floor: –145 dBFS/Hz (ADC12J1600)
    • IMD3: −64 dBc(FIN = 2140 MHz ± 30 MHz at −13 dBFS)
    • FPBW (–3 dB): 3.2GHz
    • Peak NPR: 46dB
    • Supply Voltages: 1.9 V and 1.2 V
    • PowerConsumption
      • Bypass (2700 MSPS): 1.8 W
      • Bypass (1600 MSPS): 1.6 W
      • Power Down Mode: <50 mW

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Texas Instruments  ADC12J2700NKET

The ADC12J1600 and ADC12J2700 devices are wideband sampling anddigital tuning devices. Texas Instruments’ giga-sampleanalog-to-digital converter (ADC) technology enables a large block of frequency spectrum to besampled directly at RF. An integrated DDC (Digital Down Converter) provides digital filtering anddown-conversion. The selected frequency block is made available on a JESD204B serial interface.Data is output as baseband 15-bit complex information for ease of downstream processing. Based onthe digital down-converter (DDC) decimation and link output rate settings, this data is output on 1to 5 lanes of the serial interface.

A DDC bypass mode allows the full rate 12-bit raw ADC data toalso be output. This mode of operation requires 8 lanes of serial output.

The ADC12J1600 and ADC12J2700 devicesare available in a 68-pinVQFN package. The device operates over the Industrial (–40°C ≤ TA ≤ 85°C)ambient temperature range.