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Dual Channel IF BTS Receiver with Signal Processing for multi-mode 3G+LTE


Package | PIN: PFP | 80
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Partial Tray
Qty Price
1-9 $101.44
10-24 $95.85
25-99 $93.05
100-249 $90.25
250-499 $87.45
500-749 $85.35
750-999 $79.75
1000+ $79.50


  • Differential Analog IF Input, DDR LVDS Digital IF Output
  • Up to 125-MHz Signal Bandwidth per Receiver
    • With 40- and 75-MHz optimized bands
  • High Dynamic Performance
  • High Impedance Input
  • 80-Pin TQFP Package with PowerPAD
    • ADS58C20: Multi-Carrier GSM/3G/LTE/TDS-CDMA Cellular Base-station Receiver
    • ADS58C23: Multi-Carrier 3G/LTE/TDS-CDMA Cellular Base-station Receiver

Texas Instruments  ADS58C23IPFP

The ADS58C20 and ADS58C23 are dual IF receivers for wideband, multi-mode cellular infrastructure base stations. Each channel provides high dynamic performance up to 125 MHz of bandwidth, with optimized bands of 40- and 75-MHz. The IF receiver architecture eases front end filter design for wide bandwidth receivers. The receivers have integrated buffers at the analog inputs with benefits of uniform performance and input impedance across a wide frequency range.

The ADS58C20 is a high performance part with superior specifications for single/multi-mode cellular base-station receivers that include multi-carrier GSM. It can also process other cellular protocols such as TDS-CDMA/3G/LTE and prior generation systems.

The ADS58C23 offers the same functionality and pinout as ADS58C20 but with reduced minimum performance specifications for lower cost and performance systems, such as TDS-CDMA/3G/LTE single/multi-mode receivers (when GSM is not required). It can also process prior generation protocols.

The devices are available in a 80-pin TQFP package, and are specified over the full industrial temperature range (–40°C to 85°C).