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1.3-V micro Power Single Channel Codec


Package | PIN: RHB | 32
Temp: C (0 to 70)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $10.97
10-24 $10.20
25-99 $9.84
100-249 $8.60
250-499 $8.18
500-749 $7.53
750-999 $6.76
1000+ $6.74


  • Single Channel Codec
  • Noise Shaped Delta Sigma ADC and DAC Technology
  • Low Supply Voltage and Current:
    • 1.3-V Typical Power Supply
    • 350-µA Typical Supply Current Drain
  • Power Supply Up Monitor and Low Battery Monitor That Also Automatically Shuts Off H-Bridge Output When Battery Decays Below 1.05 V in a Nontransient Manner
  • Typical 2.4-µVrms Input Referred Noise With 0.01% Total Harmonic Distortion for Front End and 108-dB Dynamic Range
  • ADC Has 87-dB Dynamic Range With 73-dB Total Harmonic Distortion 100 Hz–10 kHz, 40-kHz Sampling Rate
  • Typical 55-dB PSRR 100 Hz to 10 kHz for Analog Front End
  • Low Noise Programmable Gain Amplifier/Compressor Front End With Programmable Fast and Slow Attack and Decay Rates With Dual or Single Attack and Decay Rate Option
  • Typical Output Noise of 12 µVrms With 0.05% Total Harmonic Distortion for Delta Sigma DAC and H-Bridge Output Driver
  • Low Jitter Oscillator That Generates all Internal Clocks and Generates 5-MHz Output DSP/µC Clock
  • Regulated Bandgap Voltage Reference
  • Programmable Functionality via Digital Serial Interface
    • McBSP Interface, DSP Protocol
    • TI TMS320VC54x™, TMS320VC55x™ DSPs
    • SPI Interface, Microcontroller Protocol
    • TI MSP430xx
  • External Chip Power Down and Reset
  • Available in:
    • 32-Pin QFN 5×5-mm Plastic Package
    • 32-Pad Bumped Die in Waffle Pack (wafer scale packaging)
    • Hearing Instruments
    • Personal Medical Devices
    • Hearing Protection
    • Aural Processing
    • Low-Power Headsets

Texas Instruments  AIC111RHB

The AIC111 IC design specification serves to provide product development teams with a guideline for how the AIC111 IC is specified and programmable options that are available. The document outlines a top-level block description of the IC along with system specifications and functions. Individual block descriptions and target specifications are also outlined.

The Texas Instruments AIC111 is a TI µPower DSP compatible, or microcontroller compatible audio codec product, or analog interface circuit. The AIC111 is part of a comprehensive family of DSP/µC based high-performance analog interface solutions. The AIC111 is targeted primarily at personal medical devices, such as hearing instruments, aural preprocessing applications, and low-power headset applications. The AIC111 is used in any design requiring a programmable time constant PGA/compressor interface, high dynamic range analog-to-digital converter, an external DSP/µC handling signal processing, or a low distortion digital-to-analog converter with a balanced H-Bridge speaker driver. It supports a CMOS digital interface tailored for TI DSPs with the McBSP protocol such as TMS320VC54x™ DSP family and SPI-based controllers such as TI MSP430x family of microcontrollers. The AIC111 also has an external microphone or sensor supply and bias and power supply up low-battery monitor indicator.

The AIC111 comes in a 32-pin QFN 5×5-mm package. A 32-pad solder ball bumped flip chip die that comes in waffle packs or tape and reel is in preview and will be available 3rd quarter 2003.