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I2C Controlled Single Cell 3A Charger for High Input Voltage with DSBGA Package


Package | PIN: YFF | 42
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $2.70
10-24 $2.43
25-99 $2.27
100-249 $2.03
250-499 $1.90
500-749 $1.65
750-999 $1.43
1000+ $1.40


  • Operation as Slave Charger to Provide Fast Charging in Dual Charger Operation
  • Simple Configuration with Minimum BOM
  • High Efficiency 3-A, 1.5-MHz Switch Mode Buck Charge
    • 92% Charge Efficiency at 3 A and94% ChargeEfficiency at 2 A Charge Current
    • Optimize for High VoltageInput (9 V / 12 V)
    • Low Power PFM mode for Light LoadOperations
  • Single Input to Support USB Input and Adjustable High Voltage Adapters
    • Support 3.9-V to 14-VInput Voltage Range
    • Input Current Limit (100 mA to 3.25 A with 50-mAresolution) to Support USB2.0, USB3.0 standard and High Voltage Adapters
    • Wide InputDynamic Power Management (DPM) Range
  • Highest Battery Discharge Efficiency with 5-mΩ Battery MOSFET
  • Default Charge Disabled
  • Integrated ADC for System Monitor
    (Input, System and Battery Voltage, Temperature, Charge Current)
  • Flexible Autonomous and I2C Mode for Optimal System Performance
  • Remote Battery Sensing
  • High Integration includes all MOSFETs, Current Sensing and Loop Compensation
  • High Accuracy
    • ±0.5% Charge VoltageRegulation
    • ±5% Charge Current Regulation
    • ±7.5% InputCurrent Regulation
  • Safety
    • Thermal Regulation and Thermal Shutdown
    • Input UVLO/Overvoltage Protection
    • BatteryOVP
    • SafetyTimer

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Texas Instruments  BQ25898CYFFR

The bq25898C is a highly-integrated switch-mode battery chargemanagement and system power path management device for single cell Li-Ion and Li-polymer battery.The device supports high input voltage for charging. The low impedance power path optimizesswitch-mode operation efficiency, reduces battery charging time and extends battery life duringdischarging phase. The I2C serial interface with charging and system settings makes the device atruly flexible solution. The bq25898C is available in a 2.8mm x 2.5mm 42-ball DSBGA package.

The bq25898C is a highly-integrated 3-A switch-mode battery charge management device forsingle cell Li-Ion and Li-polymer battery. As a tiny and cost-effective device, it can also beconfigured as slave charger to provide fast charging in dual charger applications.

It features fast charging with high input voltage support for a wide range of smartphone,tablet and portable devices. Its low impedance power path optimizes switch-mode operationefficiency, reduces battery charging time and extends battery life during discharging phase. Thesolution is highly integrated with input reverse-blocking FET (RBFET,Q1), high-side switching FET(HSFET, Q2), low-side switching FET (LSFET, Q3), and integrated charge current sensing. It alsointegrates the bootstrap diode for the high-side gate drive and battery monitor for simplifiedsystem design. The I2C serial interface with charging and system settings makes the device a trulyflexible solution.

The device supports a wide range of input sources, including standard USB host port, USBcharging port, and USB compliant adjustable high voltage adapter. To set the default input currentlimit, the device takes the result from detection circuit in the system, such as USB PHY device.The device is compliant with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 power spec with input current and voltageregulation.

The default charge current is set to 0 mA (both fast charge and precharge disabled). Oncecharge is enabled, the device may initiate and complete a charging cycle with softwarecontrol.

The charger provides various safety features for battery charging and system operations,charging safety timer and overvoltage/overcurrent protections. The thermal regulation reducescharge current when the junction temperature exceeds 120°C (programmable). The STAT output reportsthe charging status and any fault conditions. The PG output indicates if agood power source is present. The INT immediately notifies host when fault occurs.

The device is available in a 2.80 mm x 2.50 mm 42-ball DSBGA package.