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bq27742-G1 Single Cell Li-Ion Battery Fuel Gauge With Integrated Protection | Battery Gas Gauge


Package | PIN: YZF | 15
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $2.44
10-24 $2.20
25-99 $2.04
100-249 $1.79
250-499 $1.68
500-749 $1.43
750-999 $1.20
1000+ $1.15


  • Battery Fuel Gauge and Protector for Single-Cell Li-Ion Applications
  • Microcontroller Peripheral Provides:
    • Precision 16-Bit, High-Side Coulomb Counter with Low-Value SenseResistor
      (5 mΩ to 20 mΩ)
    • External and Internal Temperature Sensors forBattery Temperature Reporting
    • Lifetime and Current Data Logging
    • 64 Bytes of Non-Volatile Scratch Pad Flash
    • SHA-1Authentication Capability
  • Battery Fuel Gauging Based on Patented Impedance Track™ Technology
    • Models Battery Discharge Curve for Accurate Time-To-EmptyPredictions
    • Automatically Adjusts for Aging, Self-Discharge, and Temperature- andRate-Induced Effects on Battery
  • Integrated High-side NMOS Protection FET Drive
  • Hardware-based Safety and Protection:
    • Overvoltage (OVP)
    • Undervoltage(UVP)
    • Overcurrent in Charge (OCC)
    • Overcurrent in Discharge(OCD)
    • Short-Circuit in Discharge (SCD)
  • I2C and HDQ Interface Formats for Communication with Host System
  • Ultra-Compact, 15-Ball NanoFree™ DSBGA

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Texas Instruments  BQ27742YZFR-G1

The Texas Instruments bq27742-G1 is a fuel gauge for single-cell Li-Ion battery packsthat uses patented Impedance Track™ technology to deliver rate-,temperature-, and aging-compensated predictions of remaining battery capacity and system runtimewith highest accuracy. The device also includes a fully integrated high-side protector thateliminates the need for a separate Li-Ion protection circuit and provides a full suite ofhigh-accuracy fault detections for overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent in charge, overcurrent indischarge, and short-circuit in discharge conditions. The hardware protection functions offerbuilt-in data flash-based programmability, allowing simple reconfiguration of existing devices forvarying end equipment needs.

The fuel gauge provides information such as remaining battery capacity (mAh),state-of-charge (%), runtime to empty (minutes), voltage (mV), current (mA), and temperature (°C),as well as recording vital parameters throughout the lifetime of the battery. The device alsosupports interrupts to the host to indicate detection of a variety of important battery conditionsto the system.

The DSBGA is a 15-ball package (2.78 mm × 1.96 mm) that is ideal forspace-constrained applications.