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Automotive Voltage Protection with Automatic Cell Balance For 2-Cell Li-Ion Batteries, OVP=4.30V


Package | PIN: DRB | 8
Temp: T (-40 to 105)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $0.93
10-24 $0.83
25-99 $0.77
100-249 $0.66
250-499 $0.61
500-749 $0.50
750-999 $0.40
1000+ $0.35


  • 2-Series Cell Secondary Protection
  • Automatic Cell Imbalance Correction with External Enable Control
    • ±30-mV Enable, 0-mV Disable ThresholdsTypical
  • External Capacitor-Controlled Delay Timer
  • External Resistor-Controlled Cell Balance Current
  • Low Power Consumption ICC < 3 µA Typical (VCELL(ALL) < VPROTECT)
  • Internal Cell Balancing Handles Current
    up to 15 mA
  • External Cell Balancing Mode Supported
  • High-Accuracy Overvoltage Protection:
    • ±25 mVwith TA = 0°C to 60°C
  • Fixed Overvoltage Protection Threshold:
    4.30 V
  • Small 8L DRB Package
  • Automotive-Qualified AEC Q100 Grade Two

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Texas Instruments  BQ29209TDRBRQ1

The bq29209-Q1 deviceis a secondary overvoltage protection IC for 2-series cell lithium-ion battery packs thatincorporates a high-accuracy precision overvoltage detection circuit and automatic cell imbalancecorrection.

The voltage of each cell in a 2-series cell battery pack is compared to a factoryprogrammed internal reference voltage. If either cell reaches an overvoltage condition, the OUT pinchanges from low to high state.

The bq29209-Q1 canperform automatic voltage-based cell imbalance correction. Balancing can start when the cellvoltages are different by nominally 30 mV or more and stops when the difference isnominally 0 mV. Cell balancing is enabled and disabled by the CB_ENpin.