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Automotive Catalog High Speed CMOS 16-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer with TTL Inputs


Package | PIN: DW | 24
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $0.79
10-24 $0.71
25-99 $0.66
100-249 $0.56
250-499 $0.52
500-749 $0.42
750-999 $0.34
1000+ $0.30


  • Qualified for Automotive Applications
  • AEC-Q100 Test Guidance With the Following Results:
    • Device Temperature Grade 1: –40°C to 125°C
      Ambient Operating Temperature Range
    • Device HBM ESD Classification Level H1A
    • Device CDM ESD Classification Level C2
  • Wide Analog Input Voltage Range
  • Low ON Resistance
    • 70 Ω Typical (VCC = 4.5 V)
  • Fast Switching and Propagation Speeds
  • Break-Before-Make Switching
    • 6 ns Typical (VCC = 4.5 V)
  • Fanout (Over Temperature Range)
    • Standard Outputs: 10 LSTTL Loads
    • Bus Driver Outputs: 15 LSTTL Loads
  • Balanced Propagation Delay and Transition Times
  • Significant Power Reduction Compared to LSTTL Logic ICs
  • 4.5-V to 5.5-V Operation
  • Direct LSTTL Input Logic Compatibility:
    VIL = 0.8 V Max, VIH = 2 V Min
  • CMOS Input Compatibility: II ≤ 1 µA at
    VOL, VOH

Texas Instruments  CD74HCT4067QM96Q1

The CD74HCT4067-Q1 device is a digitally controlled analog switch that utilizes silicon-gate CMOS technology to achieve operating speeds similar to LSTTL, with the low power consumption of standard CMOS integrated circuits.

This analog multiplexer and demultiplexer controls analog voltages that may vary across the voltage supply range. It is a bidirectional switch, thus allowing any analog input to be used as an output and vice-versa. The switch has low (on) resistance and low (off) leakages. In addition, the device has an enable control that, when high, disables all switches to their off state.