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Clock Buffer w/Programmable Divider, LVPECL I/O + addl LVCMOS output


Package | PIN: RGT | 16
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $9.57
10-24 $8.89
25-99 $8.58
100-249 $7.50
250-499 $7.14
500-749 $6.57
750-999 $5.89
1000+ $5.88


  • Distributes One Differential Clock Input to One LVPECL Differential Clock Output and One LVCMOS Single-Ended Output
  • Programmable Output Divider for Both LVPECL and LVCMOS Outputs
  • 1.6-ns Output Skew Between LVCMOS and LVPECL Transitions Minimizing Noise
  • 3.3-V Power Supply (2.5-V Functional)
  • Signaling Rate Up to 800-MHz LVPECL and
    200-MHz LVCMOS
  • Differential Input Stage for Wide Common-Mode Range Also Provides VBB Bias Voltage Output for Single-Ended Input Signals
  • Receiver Input Threshold ±75 mV
  • 16-Pin VQFN Package (3.00 mm × 3.00 mm)

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Texas Instruments  CDCM1802RGTT

The CDCM1802 clock driver distributes one pair of differential clock input to one LVPECLdifferential clock output pair, Y0 and Y0, and one single-ended LVCMOSoutput, Y1. It is specifically designed for driving 50-Ω transmission lines. The LVCMOS output isdelayed by 1.6 ns over the PECL output stage to minimize noise impact during signaltransitions.

The CDCM1802 has two control pins, S0 and S1, to select different output mode settings.The S[1:0] pins are 3-level inputs. Additionally, an enable pin EN is provided to disable or enableall outputs simultaneously. The CDCM1802 is characterized for operation from −40°C to 85°C.

For single-ended driver applications, the CDCM1802 provides a VBB output pin that can bedirectly connected to the unused input as a common-mode voltage reference.