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1:8 3.3-V Phase Lock Loop Clock Driver


Package | PIN: D | 16
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $4.30
10-24 $3.88
25-99 $3.61
100-249 $3.16
250-499 $2.97
500-749 $2.52
750-999 $2.13
1000+ $2.03


  • Phase-Locked Loop-Based Zero-Delay Buffer
  • Operating Frequency: 10 MHz to 200 MHz
  • Low Jitter (Cycle-Cycle): ±100 ps Over the Range 66 MHz to 200 MHz
  • Distributes One Clock Input to Two Banks of Four Outputs
  • Auto Frequency Detection to Disable Device (Power Down Mode)
  • Consumes Less Than 20 µA in Power Down Mode
  • Operates From Single 3.3-V Supply
  • Industrial Temperature Range –40°C to 85°C
  • 25- On-Chip Series Damping Resistors
  • No External RC Network Required
  • Spread Spectrum Clock Compatible (SSC)
  • Available in 16-Pin TSSOP or 16-Pin SOIC Packages

Texas Instruments  CDCVF25081D

The CDCVF25081 is a high-performance, low-skew, low-jitter, phase-lock loop clock driver. It uses a PLL to precisely align, in both frequency and phase, the output clocks to the input clock signal. The CDCVF25081 operates from a nominal supply voltage of 3.3 V. The device also includes integrated series-damping resistors in the output drivers that make it ideal for driving point-to-point loads.

Two banks of four outputs each provide low-skew, low-jitter copies of CLKIN. All outputs operate at the same frequency. Output duty cycles are adjusted to 50%, independent of duty cycle at CLKIN. The device automatically goes into power-down mode when no input signal is applied to CLKIN and the outputs go into a low state. Unlike many products containing PLLs, the CDCVF25081 does not require an external RC network. The loop filter for the PLL is included on-chip, minimizing component count, space, and cost.

Because it is based on a PLL circuitry, the CDCVF25081 requires a stabilization time to achieve phase lock of the feedback signal to the reference signal. This stabilization is required following power up and application of a fixed-frequency signal at CLKIN and any following changes to the PLL reference.

The CDCVF25081 is characterized for operation from -40°C to 85°C.