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3-Vrms DirectPath™ Pop-Free Variable Input Gain Line Driver with Diff Inputs


Package | PIN: PW | 14
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $2.07
10-24 $1.86
25-99 $1.73
100-249 $1.50
250-499 $1.39
500-749 $1.16
750-999 $0.96
1000+ $0.88


  • DirectPath™
    • Eliminates Pop/Clicks
    • Eliminates Output DC-Blocking Capacitors
    • Provides Flat Frequency Response 20Hz–20kHz
  • Low Noise and THD
    • SNR > 102 dB
    • Typical VN < 15 µVms
    • THD+N < 0.05% 20 Hz–20 kHz
  • Output Voltage into 2.5-k Load
    • 2 Vrms with 3.3-V Supply Voltage
    • 3 Vrms with 5-V Supply Voltage
  • 3Vrms Output Voltage into 2.5 k Load With 5V Supply Voltage
  • Differential Input
    • Set-Top Boxes
    • PDP / LCD TV
    • Blu-ray Disc™, DVD-Players
    • Home Theater in a Box

DirectPath, TI FilterPro are trademarks of Texas Instruments.
Blu-ray Disc is a trademark of Blu-ray Disc Association.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Texas Instruments  DRV602PW

The DRV602PW is a 3Vrms pop-free stereo line driver designed to allow the removal of the output dc-blocking capacitors for reduced component count and cost. The device is ideal for single supply electronics where size and cost are critical design parameters.

Designed using TI’s patented DirectPath™ technology, the DRV602 is capable of driving 3Vrms into a 2.5k load with 5V supply voltage. The device has differential inputs and uses external gain setting resistors, that supports a gain range of ±1V/V to ±10V/V. The use of external gain resistors also allows the implementation of a 2nd order low pass filter to compliment DAC’s and SOC converters. The line output of the DRV602 has ±8kV IEC ESD protection. The DRV602 (referred to as the ’602) has built-in shutdown control for pop-free on/off control.

Using the DRV602 in audio products can reduce component count compared to traditional methods of generating a 3Vrms output. The DRV602 doesn't require a power supply greater than 5V to generate its 8.5VPP output, nor does it require a split rail power supply. The DRV602 integrates its own charge pump to generate a negative supply rail that provides a clean, pop-free ground biased 3Vrms output.

The DRV602 is available in a 14 pin TSSOP package.

If higher SNR, trimmed DC-offset and external undervoltage-mute functions are beneficial in the application, TI recommends the footprint compatible DRV603 (SLOS617).

For a stereo line and stereo HP driver see DRV604 (SLOS659).