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3-Phase BLDC Motor Pre-Driver with Integrated Speed Control and Commutation Logic


Package | PIN: RHA | 40
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $3.05
10-24 $2.75
25-99 $2.56
100-249 $2.24
250-499 $2.10
500-749 $1.79
750-999 $1.51
1000+ $1.44


  • Three-Phase Brushless DC Motor Controller
    • Digital Closed-Loop Speed Control with Programmable Gain andFilters
  • Drives 6 N-Channel MOSFETs With Configurable 10- to 130-mA Gate Drive
  • Integrated Commutation from Hall Sensors
    • Timing Can Be Advanced/Delayed
    • 120° or 180°-Sinusoidal Current Control
    • Single Input Controls Motor Speed
  • Operating Supply Voltage 8.5 to 32 V
  • Flexible Configuration Methods
    • Read Internal Non-Volatile Memory
    • Read External EEPROM
    • Write SPI
  • Configurable Motor Current Limiter
  • 5-V Regulator for Hall Sensors
  • Low-power Standby Mode
  • Integrated Overcurrent, Overvoltage, and Overtemperature Protection

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Texas Instruments  DRV8308RHAT

The DRV8308 controls sensored brushless DC motors with advanced features and a simpleinput interface. As a predriver, it drives the gates of 6 external N-Channel MOSFETs with aconfigurable current of 10mA to 130mA for optimal switching characteristics.

The 3 motor phases are commutated according to the Hall sensor inputs. Once the motorreaches a consistent speed, the DRV8308 uses just 1 Hall sensor to minimize jitter caused by sensormismatch. The Hall signal-to-drive timing can be advanced or delayed in 0.1% increments to optimizepower efficiency. An optional 180° commutation mode drives sinusoidal current through the motor andminimizes audible noise and torque ripple. Peak motor current can be controlled by sizing a senseresistor.

The DRV8308 achieves closed-loop speed control to spin motors to a precise RPM across awide range of load torques. The system matches motor speed—generated from an FG trace or the Hallsensors—to the reference frequency on pin CLKIN. The DRV8308 can also drive motors open-loop usinga duty cycle command, from either a clock or register setting.

An assortment of protection features bolster system robustness, as the DRV8308 handlesand reports overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, and overtemperature.