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2.0A Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver with On-Chip Indexer (Step/Dir Ctrl)


Package | PIN: DW | 20
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $3.78
10-24 $3.40
25-99 $3.17
100-249 $2.77
250-499 $2.60
500-749 $2.21
750-999 $1.87
1000+ $1.78


  • 4-Channel Protected Low-Side Driver
    • Four NMOS FETs With Overcurrent Protection
    • Integrated Inductive Clamp Diodes
  • Indexer/Translator for Unipolar Stepper Motors
    • Simple Step/Direction Interface
    • Three Step Modes (2-Phase Full-Step, 1-2-
      Phase Half-Step, 1-Phase Wave Drive)
  • DW Package: 1.5-A (Single Channel On) /
    800-mA (Four Channels On) Maximum Drive
    Current per Channel (at 25°C)
  • PWP Package: 2-A (Single Channel On) /
    1-A (Four Channels On) Maximum Drive Current
    per Channel (at 25°C, With Proper PCB
  • 8.2-V to 60-V Operating Supply Voltage Range
  • Thermally Enhanced Surface Mount Package

Texas Instruments  DRV8805DW

The DRV8805 provides an integrated solution for driving unipolar stepper motors. It includes four low-side drivers with overcurrent protection and provides built-in diodes to clamp turnoff transients generated by the motor windings.

Indexer logic to control a unipolar stepper motor using a simple step/direction interface is also integrated. Three stepping modes are supported: 2 phase (full-step), 1-2 phase (half-step), and 1-phase (wave drive).

In the SOIC (DW) package, the DRV8805 can supply up to 1.5-A (one channel on) or 800-mA (all channels on) continuous output current per channel, at 25°C. In the HTSSOP (PWP) package, it can supply up to 2-A (one channel on) or 1-A (four channels on) continuous output current per channel, at 25°C with proper PCB heatsinking.

Internal shutdown functions are provided for overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, under voltage lockout, and overtemperature, and faults are indicated by a fault output pin.

The DRV8805 is available in a 20-pin thermally-enhanced SOIC package and a 16-pin HTSSOP package (Eco-friendly: RoHS & no Sb/Br).