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Combo motor driver with DC-DC converters


Package | PIN: PAP | 64
Temp: S (-10 to 50)
Carrier: Partial Tray
Qty Price
1-9 $9.99
10-24 $9.29
25-99 $8.96
100-249 $7.83
250-499 $7.45
500-749 $6.86
750-999 $6.16
1000+ $6.14


  • Configurable to Eight Modes of Combination Motor Driver
    • Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver
      • 16-Step Current-Mode Control
      • 800-mA Average Output Current as Stepper
        Motor Drive
    • DC Motor Driver
      • 800-mA Maximum Continuous Current and
        8-A/500-ns or 3-A/100-ms Peak Current for
        Each DC Motor Drive
    • Low ON resistance Rds(ON) = 0.55 Ω at TJ = 25°C (Typ)
  • Three Integrated DC-DC Converters
    • On/Off Selectable Using C_SELECT Pin and Serial
    • Outputs Programmable With External Resistor Network
      From 1.5 V to VDIN × 0.8
    • 1.5-A Output Capability for All Three Channels
  • 7-V to 40-V Operating Voltage Range for DC-DC Converters
  • Two Serial Interfaces for Communications
  • Thermally Enhanced Surface-Mount 64-Pin QFP PowerPAD™
    Package (Eco-Friendly – RoHS and No Sb/Br)
  • Power-Down Function (Deep-Sleep Mode)
  • Reset Signal Output (Active Low)
  • Reset (All Clear) Control Input

Texas Instruments  DRV8809PAP

The DRV8809/DRV8810 provides an integrated motor driver solution. The chip has four H-bridges internally and is configurable to eight different modes of combination motor driver control.

The output driver block for each H-bridge consists of N-channel power MOSFETs configured as full H-bridges to drive the motor windings. The stepper motor control has a 16-step mode programmable through the 3-wire serial interface (SPI). The SPI input pins are 3.3-V compatible and 5-V tolerant.

The DRV8809/DRV8810 has three DC-DC switch-mode buck converters to generate a programmable output voltage from 1.5 V to 80% of VDIN (channel A) or up to 10 V (for channel B and channel C), with up to 1.5-A load current capability. The outputs are selected using the C_SELECT terminal at start-up or using serial interface during operation.

An internal shutdown function is provided for overcurrent protection (OCP), short-circuit protection, overvoltage/undervoltage lockout (UVLO), and thermal shutdown (TSD). Also, the device has a reset function that operates at power on and at input to the In-Reset pin.