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2.5 Gbps 2:1/1:2 CML Mux/Buffer with Transmit Pre-Emphasis and Receive Equalization


Package | PIN: NJK | 36
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $9.20
10-24 $8.27
25-99 $7.73
100-249 $6.93
250-499 $6.47
500-749 $5.63
750-999 $4.87
1000+ $4.77


  • 2:1 Multiplexer and 1:2 Buffer
  • 0.25-Gbps to 2.5-Gbps Fully Differential Data Paths
  • Fixed Input Equalization
  • Programmable Output Pre-Emphasis
  • Independent Pre-Emphasis Controls
  • Programmable Loopback Modes
  • On-Chip Terminations
  • ESD Rating of 6-kV HBM
  • 3.3-V Supply
  • Low power, 0.45 W Typical
  • Lead-Less WQFN-36 Package
  • –40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature Range

Texas Instruments  DS25MB100TSQ/NOPB

The DS25MB100 device is a signal conditioning 2:1 multiplexer and 1:2 fan-out buffer designed for use in backplane-redundancy or cable driving applications. Signal conditioning features include continuous time linear equalization (CTLE) and programmable output pre-emphasis that enable data communication in FR4 backplane up to 2.5 Gbps. Each input stage has a fixed equalizer to reduce ISI distortion from board traces.

All output drivers have four selectable levels of pre-emphasis to compensate for transmission losses from long FR4 backplane or cable attenuation reducing deterministic jitter. The pre-emphasis levels can be independently controlled for the line-side and switch-side drivers. The internal loopback paths from switch-side input to switch-side output enable at-speed system testing. All receiver inputs are internally terminated with 100-Ω differential terminating resistors. All driver outputs are internally terminated with 50-Ω terminating resistors to VCC.