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Low Power 28Gbps 8 Channel Repeater With Crosspoint


Package | PIN: ZBL | 135
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $44.32
10-24 $41.43
25-99 $40.12
100-249 $35.67
250-499 $35.40
500-749 $33.30
750-999 $29.90
1000+ $29.80


  • Octal-Channel Multi-Protocol Linear Equalizer Supporting up to 28 Gbaud Interfaces
  • Integrated 2x2 Crosspoint with Pin or Register Control for Mux, Fanout, and Signal Crossing Applications
  • Low Power Consumption: 93 mW / Channel (Typical)
  • No Heat Sink Required
  • Linear Equalization for Seamless Support of Link Training, Auto-Negotiation, and FEC Pass-Through
  • Extends Channel Reach by 17dB+ Beyond Normal ASIC-to-ASIC Capability at 14 GHz
  • Ultra-Low Latency: 100 ps (Typical)
  • Low Additive Random Jitter
  • Small 8 mm × 13 mm BGA Package with Integrated RX AC Coupling Capacitors for Easy Flow-Through Routing
  • Unique Pinout Allows Routing High-Speed Signals Underneath the Package
  • Pin-Compatible Retimer with Crosspoint Available
  • Single 2.5-V ±5% Power Supply
  • –40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature Range

Texas Instruments  DS280MB810ZBLT

The DS280MB810 is an extremely low-power, high-performance eight-channel linear equalizer supporting multi-rate, multi-protocol interfaces up to 28 Gbaud. It is used to extend the reach and improve the robustness of high-speed serial links for backplane, front-port, and chip-to-chip applications.

The DS280MB810 includes a full 2x2 crosspoint switch between each pair of adjacent channels which enables 2-to-1 multiplexing and 1-to-2 de-multiplexing applications for failover redundancy, as well as signal cross-over to aid PCB routing. The crosspoint can be controlled through pins or the SMBus register interface.

The linear nature of the DS280MB810’s equalization preserves the transmit signal characteristics, thereby allowing the host and link partner ASICs to freely negotiate transmit equalizer coefficients (100G-CR4/KR4). This transparency to the link training protocol facilitates system-level interoperability with minimal effect on the latency. The DS280MB810 supports two-level and four-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) for symbol rates up to 28 Gbaud and peak signal amplitude within the linear operating range.

Each channel operates independently, and every channel can be configured uniquely. In most application scenarios, the same configuration can be used regardless of data rate.

The DS280MB810’s small package dimensions, optimized high-speed signal escape, and the pin-compatible Retimer portfolio make the DS280MB810 ideal for high-density backplane applications. Simplified equalization control, low power consumption, and ultra-low additive jitter make it suitable for front-port interfaces such as 100G-SR4/LR4/CR4. The small 8-mm × 13-mm footprint easily fits behind numerous standard front-port connectors like QSFP, SFP, CFP, and CDFP without the need for a heat sink.

Integrated AC coupling capacitors (RX side) eliminate the need for external capacitors on the PCB. The DS280MB810 has a single power supply and minimal need for external components. These features reduce PCB routing complexity and bill of materials (BOM) cost.

A pin-compatible Retimer device with crosspoint is available for longer reach applications.

The DS280MB810 can be configured either via the SMBus or through an external EEPROM. Up to 16 devices can share a single EEPROM. 4279774