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5 to 12.5 Gbps, Power-Saver Equalizer for Backplanes and Cables


Package | PIN: NGF | 6
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $2.23
10-24 $2.01
25-99 $1.87
100-249 $1.64
250-499 $1.53
500-749 $1.30
750-999 $1.10
1000+ $1.05


  • 5 to 12.5 Gbps Operation
  • No Power or Ground Required
  • Equalization Effective Anywhere in Data Path
  • Equalizes CML, LV-PECL, LVDS Signals
  • Symmetric I/O Structures Provide Equal Boost for Bi-directional Operation
  • 7 dB Maximum Boost
  • Code Independent, 8b/10b or Scrambled
  • Supports Both Bi-level and Multi-level Signaling
  • Extends Reach Over Backplanes and Cables
  • Compatible with PCI-Express Gen1 and Gen2
  • Compatible with XAUI
  • Will Operate in Series with Existing Active Equalizer
  • Easy to Handle 6 Pin WSON

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Texas Instruments  DS80EP100SD/NOPB

TI’s Power-saver equalizer compensates for transmission medium losses and minimizes medium-induced deterministic jitter. Performance is guaranteed over the full range of 5 to 12.5 Gbps. The DS80EP100 requires no power to operate. The equalizer operates anywhere in the data path to minimize media-induced deterministic jitter in both FR4 traces and cable applications. Symmetric I/O structures support full duplex or half duplex applications. Linear compensation is provided independent of line coding or protocol. The device is ideal for both bi-level and multi-level signaling.

The equalizer is available in a 6 pin leadless WSON package with a space saving 2.2 mm X 2.5 mm footprint. This tiny package provides maximum flexibility in placement and routing of the Power-saver equalizer.