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EMB1412 MOSFET Gate Driver


Package | PIN: DGN | 8
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $1.63
10-24 $1.46
25-99 $1.36
100-249 $1.18
250-499 $1.09
500-749 $0.91
750-999 $0.75
1000+ $0.69


  • Compound CMOS and Bipolar Outputs Reduce
    Output Current Variation
  • 7 A Sink/3 A Source Current
  • Fast Propagation Times (25 ns Typical)
  • Fast Rise and Fall Times (14 ns/12 ns Rise
    Fall with 2 nF Load)
  • Inverting and Non-Inverting Inputs Provide
    Either Configuration with a Single Device
  • Supply Rail Under-Voltage Lockout Protection
  • Dedicated Input Ground (IN_REF) for Split
    Supply or Single Supply Operation
  • Thermally Enhanced 8-Pin VSSOP Package
  • Output Swings from VCC to VEE Which can
    be Negative Relative to Input Ground

Texas Instruments  EMB1412MYE/NOPB

The EMB1412 MOSFET gate driver provides high peak gate drive current in 8-lead exposed-pad VSSOP package, with improved power dissipation required for high frequency operation. The compound output driver stage includes MOS and bipolar transistors operating in parallel that together sink more than 7-A peak from capacitive loads. Combining the unique characteristics of MOS and bipolar devices reduces drive current variation with voltage and temperature. Under-voltage lockout protection is provided to prevent damage to the MOSFET due to insufficient gate turn-on voltage. The EMB1412 provides both inverting and non-inverting inputs to satisfy requirements for inverting and non-inverting gate drive with a single device type.