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Thunderbolt™ Technology connector source selection switch


Package | PIN: RLL | 24
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $2.97
10-24 $2.68
25-99 $2.49
100-249 $2.18
250-499 $2.05
500-749 $1.74
750-999 $1.47
1000+ $1.40


  • Compatible with Thunderbolt Technology
    Electrical Standards and DisplayPort 1.2a
  • Wide –3dB Differential Bandwidth of
    Over 10GHz on 10G Path
  • Supports DP and DP++ Configurations
  • Handles HPD (5V tolerant) and Cable Detect
  • Supports AUX and DDC MUX
  • Excellent Dynamic Characteristics (on 10G path,
    typical values at 5GHz):
    • Crosstalk = –35dB
    • Off-Isolation = –24dB
    • Insertion Loss = –1.5dB
    • Return Loss = –20dB
    • Intra-pair Skew Added < 4ps
  • Single 3.3V Power Supply
  • Small 3×3mm 24-Pin QFN Package
  • Low Power Consumption
    • 3.3mW Typical Active Power
    • 80 µW Typical Detect Mode

Texas Instruments  HD3SS0001RLLR

The HD3SS0001 is a high-speed passive-switch device with integrated buffers and resistors, designed to support Thunderbolt™ technology, DisplayPort, and Dual Mode DisplayPort. The 10G path supports a high 10GHz bandwidth and excellent loss characteristics, while the DisplayPort path supports 5.4Gbps.

The integrated 3-pairs to 1-pair multiplexer (3:1 MUX) switches between DDC, AUX, and 10.3Gbps signals. The integrated 2-pairs to 1-pair multiplexer (2:1 MUX) switches between the Thunderbolt™ technology Low Speed UART transmit/receive pair and DisplayPort Main Link 1.

The MUXs are controlled by 4 input pins: TRI#, DP_EN#, 10G_EN, and CAD_IN (cable detect from the connector). The HD3SS0001 is packaged in a small 3x3mm 24-pin QFN, operates from a single 3.3V supply, and supports an ambient temperature range of –40°C to 85°C.