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Single, Strobed, High Speed Differential Comparator with Push-Pull Outputs


Package | PIN: D | 8
Temp: C (0 to 70)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $1.73
10-24 $1.55
25-99 $1.44
100-249 $1.26
250-499 $1.16
500-749 $0.97
750-999 $0.80
1000+ $0.73


  • Fast Response Times
  • Improved Gain and Accuracy
  • Fanout to 10 Series 54/74 TTL Loads
  • Strobe Capability
  • Short-Circuit and Surge Protection
  • Designed to Be Interchangeable With National Semiconductor LM306

Texas Instruments  LM306D

The LM306 is a high-speed voltage comparator with differential inputs, a low-impedance high-
sink-current (100 mA) output, and two strobe inputs. This device detects low-level analog or digital signals and can drive digital logic or lamps and relays directly. Short-circuit protection and surge-current limiting is provided.

A low-level input at either strobe causes the output to remain high regardless of the differential input.When both strobe inputs are either open or at a high logic level, the output voltage is controlled by the differential input voltage. The circuit will operate with any negative supply voltage between -3 V and -12 V with little difference in performance.

The LM306 is characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C.