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1.6MHz, 1A Constant Current Buck LED Driver with Internal Compensation

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1-9 $0.96
10-24 $0.86
25-99 $0.80
100-249 $0.69
250-499 $0.64
500-749 $0.54
750-999 $0.44
1000+ $0.40


  • VIN Operating Range of 3 V to 22 V
  • Drives up to 5 High-Brightness LEDs in Series at 1 A
  • Thin SOT-6 and MSOP-PowerPAD™-8 Packages
  • 1.6-MHz Switching Frequency
  • EN/DIM Input for Enabling and PWM Dimming of LEDs
  • 300-mΩ NMOS Switch
  • 40-nA Shutdown Current at VIN = 5 V
  • Internally Compensated Current-mode Control
  • Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit
  • Input Voltage UVLO
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Thermal Shutdown

Texas Instruments  LM3405AXMY/NOPB

The LM3405A is a 1-A constant current buck LED driver designed to provide a simple, high efficiency solution for driving high power LEDs. With a 0.205-V reference voltage feedback control to minimize power dissipation, an external resistor sets the current as needed for driving various types of LEDs. Switching frequency is internally set to 1.6 MHz, allowing small surface mount inductors and capacitors to be used. The LM3405A uses current-mode control and internal compensation offering ease of use and predictable, high performance regulation over a wide range of operating conditions. With a maximum input voltage of 22 V, the device can drive up to 5 High-Brightness LEDs in series at 1-A forward current, with the single LED forward voltage of approximately 3.7 V. Additional features include user accessible EN/DIM pin for enabling and PWM dimming of LEDs, thermal shutdown, cycle-by-cycle current limit and overcurrent protection.