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LED Drivers with Active Power Factor Correction and Phase Dimming Decoder

Qty Price
1-9 $1.74
10-24 $1.56
25-99 $1.45
100-249 $1.27
250-499 $1.20
500-749 $1.02
750-999 $0.86
1000+ $0.82


  • Critical Conduction Mode PFC
  • Over-Voltage Protection
  • Feedback Short Circuit Protection
  • 70:1 PWM Decoded From Phase Dimmer
  • Analog Dimming
  • Programmable Dimming Range
  • Digital Angle and Dimmer Detection
  • Dynamic Holding Current
  • Smooth Dimming Transitions
  • Low Power Operation
  • Start-Up Pre-Regulator Bias
  • Precision Voltage Reference

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Texas Instruments  LM3450AMT/NOPB

The LM3450/50A is a power factor controller (PFC) with separate phase dimming decoder. The PFC regulates the output voltage while maintaining excellent power factor. The phase dimming decoder interprets the phase angle and remaps it to a 500Hz PWM output. This device is ideal for implementing a dimmable off-line LED driver for 10-100W loads.

The phase dimming decoder has several unique features. The input-output mapping is programmable for design flexibility, while a dynamic filter and variable sampling rate provide smooth uniform dimming. A dynamic hold circuit ensures that the phase dimmer angle is decoded properly while minimizing extra power loss.

The LM3450A is identical to the LM3450 with the exception of one circuit operation. The dynamic hold current is sampled in the LM3450 while it continuously operates in the LM3450A. This difference between the two devices defines the suitable applications for each. The following is a general guideline for choosing the correct device:

  • Any 120V designs with POUT > 15W - LM3450A
  • Any 230V designs with POUT > 25W - LM3450A
  • 120V 2-Stage designs with POUT < 15W - LM3450
  • 230V 2-Stage designs with POUT < 25W - LM3450