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LM3639A Single Chip 40V Backlight + 1.5A Flash LED Driver


Package | PIN: YFQ | 20
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $1.28
10-24 $1.15
25-99 $1.06
100-249 $0.93
250-499 $0.86
500-749 $0.72
750-999 $0.59
1000+ $0.54


  • Single Chip White LED Flash and Backlight Driver
  • 1.5A Flash LED Current
  • Dual String Backlight Control (40V Max VOUT)
  • 128 Level Exponential and Linear Brightness Control
  • PWM Input for CABC
  • Programmable Over-Voltage Protection (Backlight)
  • Programmable Current Limit (Flash)
  • Programmable Switching Frequency
  • Optimized Flash Current During Low-Battery Conditions

Texas Instruments  LM3639AYFQR

The LM3639A is a single-chip white LED Camera Flash Driver + LCD Display Backlight Driver. The low-voltage, high-current flash LED driver is a synchronous boost which provides the power for a single flash LED at up to 1.5A or dual LEDs at up to 750 mA each. The high-voltage backlight driver is a dual-output asynchronous boost which powers dual LED strings at up to 40V and 30 mA per string. An adaptive regulation method in both boost converters regulates the headroom voltage across the respective source/sink to ensure the LED current remains in regulation while maximizing efficiency. The LM3639A's flash driver is a 2MHz or 4MHz fixed-frequency synchronous boost converter plus 1.5A constant current driver for a high-current white LED. The high-side current source allows for grounded cathode LED operation providing Flash current up to 1.5A. An adaptive regulation method ensures the current source remains in regulation and maximizes efficiency.

The device is controlled by an I2C-compatible interface. Features for the flash LED driver include a hardware flash enable (STROBE) allowing a logic input to trigger the flash pulse, and a TX input for synchronization to RF power amplifier events or other high current conditions. Features for the LCD backlight driver include a PWM input for content adjustable backlight control, 128 exponential or linear brightness levels, programmable over-voltage protection, and selectable switching frequency (500 kHz or 1 MHz).

The device is available in a tiny 1.790 mm x 2.165 mm x 0.6 mm 20-bump, 0.4 mm pitch DSBGA package and operates over the −40°C to +85°C temperature range.