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Mono Audio Subsys w/ class G Headphone Amp Class D Speaker Amp Noise Gate & Speaker Protection


Package | PIN: YFQ | 25
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $3.69
10-24 $3.32
25-99 $3.09
100-249 $2.71
250-499 $2.54
500-749 $2.16
750-999 $1.82
1000+ $1.74


  • Class G Ground Referenced Headphone Outputs
  • High Efficiency Class D Amplifier with Spread Spectrum
  • No Clip
  • Speaker Protection
  • Noise Gate
  • I2C Volume and Mode Control
  • Advanced Click-and-Pop Suppression
  • Micro-Power Shutdown

Key Specifications

  • Class G Headphone Amplifier,
    HPVDD = 1.8V, RL = 32Ω
    • IDDQHP, 1.2mA (Typ)
    • POUT, THD+N ≤ 1%, 25mW (Typ)
    • HP VOS, 0.5mV (Typ)
  • Mono Class D Speaker Amplifier,
    RL = 8Ω, THD+N < 1%
    • POUT, LSVDD = 5.0V, 1.35W (Typ)
    • POUT, LSVDD = 3.6V, 680mW (Typ)
    • Efficiency 88% (Typ)

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Texas Instruments  LM49153TME/NOPB

The LM49153 is a fully integrated audio subsystem designed for portable handheld applications such as cellular phones. Part of Texas Instruments' PowerWise family of products, the LM49153 combines an earpiece switch, a high efficiency 25mW class G headphone amplifier, and a high efficiency 1.35W class D loudspeaker into a single device.

The headphone amplifiers feature Texas Instruments' class G ground referenced architecture that creates a ground-referenced output with dynamic supply rails for optimum efficiency. The class D amplifier features an ALC (Automatic Level Control) with a noise gate that provides both no-clip and speaker protection.

Mode selection, shutdown control, and volume are controlled through an I2C compatible interface.

Click and pop suppression eliminates audible transients on power-up/down and during shutdown. The LM49153 is available in an ultra-small 25-bump 0.4mm pitch DSBGA package (2.30mm x 2.42mm).