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Audio Sub-System with OCL Stereo Headphone Output and RF Suppression


Package | PIN: YPG | 36
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $6.90
10-24 $6.21
25-99 $5.80
100-249 $5.20
250-499 $4.85
500-749 $4.22
750-999 $3.66
1000+ $3.58


  • 18-Bit Stereo DAC
  • Multiple Distinct Output Modes
  • Mono Speaker Amplifier
  • Stereo Headphone Amplifier
  • Mono Earpiece Amplifier
  • Differential Mono Analog Input
  • Independent Loudspeaker, Headphone and Mono Earpiece Volume Controls
  • I2C/SPI (Selectable) Compatible Interface
  • Ultra Low Shutdown Current
  • Click and Pop Suppression Circuit

Key Specifications

  • POUT, BTL, 8Ω, 3.3V, 1%: 520 mW (typ)
  • POUT H/P, 32Ω, 3.3V, 1%: 36 mW (typ)
  • POUT Mono Earpiece, 32Ω, 1%: 55 mW (typ)
  • Shutdown current: 0.6µA (typ)
  • SNR (DAC + Amplifier): 85 dB (typ)

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Boomer is a trademark of Texas Instruments.

Texas Instruments  LM4937RL/NOPB

The LM4937 is an integrated audio sub-system designed for mono voice, stereo music cell phones connecting to base band processors with mono differential analog voice paths. Operating on a 3.3V supply, it combines a mono speaker amplifier delivering 520mW into an 8Ω load, a stereo headphone amplifier delivering 36mW per channel into a 32Ω load, and a mono earpiece amplifier delivering 55mW into a 32Ω load. It integrates the audio amplifiers, volume control, mixer, and power management control all into a single package. In addition, the LM4937 routes and mixes the single-ended stereo and differential mono inputs into multiple distinct output modes. The LM4937 features an I2S serial interface for full range audio and an I2C or SPI compatible interface for control. The full range music path features an SNR of 85dB with a 192kHz playback.

Boomer audio power amplifiers are designed specifically to provide high quality output power with a minimal amount of external components.