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LM5066I High Voltage System Power Management and Protection IC with PMBus


Package | PIN: PWP | 28
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $8.33
10-24 $7.75
25-99 $7.48
100-249 $6.53
250-499 $6.22
500-749 $5.72
750-999 $5.14
1000+ $5.12


  • 10- to 80-V Operation
  • 100-V Continuous Absolute Max
  • 26 mV or 50 mV ILIM Threshold (±10%)
  • Programmable FET SOA Protection
  • Programable UV, OV, tFAULT Thresholds
  • External FET Temperature Sensing
  • Failed FET Detection
  • I2C / SMBus Interface
  • PMBus and Node Manager 2.0 and 3.0 Compliant Command Structure
  • Precision V IN, VOUT, IIN, PIN, VAUX Monitoring
    • V (±1.25%); I (±1.75%); P (±2.5%)
  • Supports Energy Monitoring via Read_EIN Command
  • Programable I/V/P Averaging Interval
  • 12-bit ADC with 1-kHz Sampling Rate
  • –40°C < TJ < 125°C Operation

Texas Instruments  LM5066IPMHE/NOPB

LM5066I provides robust protection and precision monitoring for 10- to 80-V systems. Programmable UV, OV, ILIMIT, and fast-short circuit protection allow for customized protection for any application. Programmable FET SOA protection sets the maximum power the FET is allowed to dissipate under any condition. The programmable fault timer (tFAULT) is set to avoid nuisance trips, ensure start-up, and limit the duration of over load events.

In addition to circuit protection, the LM5066I supplies real-time power, voltage, current, temperature, and fault data to the system management host through the I2C / SMBus interface. PMBus compliant command structure makes it easy to program the device. Precision telemetry enables intelligent power management functions such as efficiency optimization and early fault detection. LM5066I also supports advanced features such as I/V/P averaging and peak power measurment to improve system diagnostics.

LM5066I is pin-to-pin compatible with the LM5066 and offers improved telemetry accuracy and supports the Read_Ein command to monitor energy. See for a detailed comparison.