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±1°C Remote and Local Temperature Sensor with SMBus, I2C Interface


Package | PIN: DBQ | 16
Temp: S (0 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $3.58
10-24 $3.23
25-99 $3.00
100-249 $2.63
250-499 $2.47
500-749 $2.10
750-999 $1.77
1000+ $1.69


  • Directly senses die temperature of remote ICs
  • Senses temperature of remote diodes
  • SMBus compatible interface, supports SMBus Timeout
  • Register readback capability
  • 7 bit plus sign temperature data format
  • 2 address select lines enable 9 LM84s to be connected to a single bus

Key Specifications

Supply Voltage3.0V - 3.6V
Supply Current1 mA (max)
Local Temperature Accuracy±1.0°C (typ)
Remote Diode Temperature Accuracy 
+60°C to +100°C±3°C (max)
0°C to +125°C±5°C (max)

Texas Instruments  LM84BIMQAX/NOPB

The LM84 is a remote diode temperature sensor, Delta-Sigma analog-to-digital converter, and digital over-temperature detector with an SMBus™ interface. The LM84 senses its own temperature as well as the temperature of a target IC with a diode junction, such as a Pentium® II processor or a diode connected 2N3904. A diode junction (semiconductor junction) is required on the target IC's die. A host can query the LM84 at any time to read the temperature of this diode as well as the temperature state of the LM84 itself. A T_CRIT_A# interrupt output becomes active when the temperature is greater than a programmable comparator limit, T_CRIT.

The host can program as well as read back the state of the T_CRIT register. Three state logic inputs allow two pins (ADD0, ADD1) to select up to 9 SMBus address locations for the LM84. The sensor powers up with default thresholds of 127°C for T_CRIT.