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High-Performance, Step-Up DC-DC Converter for High-Power Applications in Mobile Devices


Package | PIN: YPD | 9
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $1.21
10-24 $1.08
25-99 $1.00
100-249 $0.86
250-499 $0.79
500-749 $0.64
750-999 $0.51
1000+ $0.46


  • 6µA typ. Quiescent Current
  • VOUT = 3.6V to 5.7V (max VO = 5.7V)
  • Operates from a Single Lithium Ion Cell (2.3V to 5.5V)
  • 8 User-selectable Output Voltages via I2C
  • High-speed 3.4 MHz I2C-compatible Interface
  • Up to 1.0A Maximum Load Current Capability
  • 4 Levels of Current Limiting
  • Auto-mode Operation and Forced PWM
  • 2.5 MHz Switching Drequency (typ.)
  • ±2.5% DC Output Voltage Precision
  • 1.0 µH Inductor (2520 Case Size)
  • 4.7 µF Input and Output Capacitors (0603 case size)
  • PGOOD Signal
  • True Shutdown Isolation
  • Output Over-voltage Protection
  • Internal Active Voltage Balancing for Supercapacitors
  • DSBGA 9-bump Package
    • (1.58 mm x 1.62 mm x 0.35 mm)(0.5 mm pitch)

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Texas Instruments  LM8850URE/NOPB

LM8850 is a step-up DC-DC converter optimized for use with a supercapacitor to protect a battery from power surges and enable new high power applications in mobile device architectures. The device creates an ideal rail from 3.6V to 5.7V boosting from a single Li-Ion cell with an input voltage range of 2.3V to 5.5V; Target VOUT must be at least 10% higher than VIN.

An I2C interface controlling multiple output voltage settings, input current limits, and load currents up to 1A provides superior user flexibility. The LM8850 operates in Auto mode, where the converter is in PFM mode at light loads and switches to PWM mode at heavy loads. Hysteretic PFM extends the battery life by reduction of the quiescent current to 6µA (typ.) during light load and standby conditions. Synchronous operation provides true shutdown isolation and improves its efficiency at medium-to-full load conditions.

High-switching frequency enables smaller passive components. Internal compensation is used for a broader range of inductor and output capacitor values to meet system demand and achieve small system solution size.

LM8850 is available in a 9-bump ultra-thin DSBGA package. Only four external surface-mount components, a 1.0 µH inductor, a 4.7 µF for input capacitor, 4.7 µF for output capacitor and 0.05F-1.0F supercapacitor for energy storage are required.