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32x16 Video Crosspoint Switch


Package | PIN: PFC | 80
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Partial Tray
Qty Price
1-9 $63.65
10-24 $59.51
25-99 $57.63
100-249 $51.22
250-499 $50.85
500-749 $47.83
750-999 $42.94
1000+ $42.80


  • 32 Inputs and 16 Outputs
  • AC-Coupled Inputs with Integrated DC Restore Clamp
  • Individually Addressable Outputs
  • Pin-Selectable Output Buffer Gain (1 V/V or 2 V/V)
  • –3 dB Bandwidth = 66 MHz
  • DG = 0.05%, DP = 0.05° @ RL = 150Ω, AV = 2V/V
  • −70 dB Off-Isolation @ 6 MHz
  • Individual Input and Output Shutdown Modes
  • Device Power Down Mode
  • Video Detection with Programmable Threshold (8 Levels)
  • Sync Detection with Pin-Configurable Threshold
  • 100 kHz I2C Interface with 2-Bit Configurable Slave Address
  • Single 5V Supply Operation
  • Extra Video Output (VOUT_16) for External Video Sync Separator

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Texas Instruments  LMH6586VS/NOPB

The LMH6586 is a non-blocking analog video crosspoint switch designed for routing standard NTSC or PAL composite video signals. The non-blocking architecture allows any of the 32 inputs to be connected to any of the 16 outputs, including any input that is already connected. Each input has an integrated DC restore clamp for biasing of the AC-coupled video signal. The output buffers have a common selectable gain setting of 1X or 2X and can drive loads of 150Ω.

The LMH6586 features two types of input signal detection for convenient monitoring of activity on any input channel. Video detection can be configured to indicate when either “presence of video” or “loss of video” is detected across the video threshold level controlled by a programmable register. Additionally, sync detection can be configured to indicate when “loss of sync” is detected across the sync threshold level controlled by a DC voltage input.

The switch configuration and other parameters are programmable via the I2C bus interface. The slave device address is configurable via two external pins allowing up to four LMH6586 devices, each with a unique address, on a common I2C bus. This helps facilitate expansion of the crosspoint matrix array size (e.g. 64 x 16). The LMH6586 operates from a common single 5V supply for its analog sections as well as its control logic and I2C interface. The LMH6586 is offered in a space-saving 80-pin TQFP.