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Very Wideband, Low Distortion Triple Op Amp


Package | PIN: DBQ | 16
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $7.52
10-24 $6.76
25-99 $6.32
100-249 $5.66
250-499 $5.29
500-749 $4.60
750-999 $3.98
1000+ $3.90


  • 750 MHz −3 dB small signal bandwidth
    (AV = +1)
  • −85 dBc 3rd harmonic distortion (20 MHz)
  • 2.3 nV/Hz input noise voltage
  • 3300 V/μs slew rate
  • 33 mA supply current (11.3 mA per op amp)
  • 90 mA linear output current
  • 0.02/0.01 Diff. Gain / Diff. Phase (RL = 150Ω)

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Texas Instruments  LMH6738MQ/NOPB

The LMH6738 is a very wideband, DC coupled monolithic operational amplifier designed specifically for ultra high resolution video systems as well as wide dynamic range systems requiring exceptional signal fidelity. Benefiting from TI’s current feedback architecture, the LMH6738 offers a gain range of ±1 to ±10 while providing stable, operation without external compensation, even at unity gain. At a gain of +2 the LMH6738 supports ultra high resolution video systems with a 400 MHz 2 VPP –3 dB Bandwidth. With 12-bit distortion levels through 30 MHz (RL = 100Ω), 2.3 nV/Hz input referred noise, the LMH6738 is the ideal driver or buffer for high speed flash A/D and D/A converters. Wide dynamic range systems such as radar and communication receivers requiring a wideband amplifier offering exceptional signal purity will find the LMH6738 low input referred noise and low harmonic distortion make it an attractive solution.