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Amplifier for Internal 3- Wire Analog Microphones and External Preamplifier

Qty Price
1-9 $1.39
10-24 $1.25
25-99 $1.16
100-249 $1.01
250-499 $0.93
500-749 $0.78
750-999 $0.64
1000+ $0.59


  • (Typical LMV1031-20, 2V Supply; Unless Otherwise Noted)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio 62 dB
  • Output Voltage Noise (A-Weighted) −86 dBV
  • Low Supply Current 72 μA
  • Supply Voltage 2V to 5V
  • Input Impedance >100 MΩ
  • Max Input Signal 108 mVPP
  • Output Voltage 1.09V
  • Temperature Range −40°C to 85°C
  • Large Dome 4-Bump DSBGA Package with Improved Adhesion Technology

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Texas Instruments  LMV1031UR-20/NOPB

The LMV1031 audio amplifier is an ideal replacement for the JFET preamplifier that is currently used in the electret microphones. The LMV1031 is optimized for applications that require extended battery life, such as Bluetooth communication links. The supply current for the LMV1031 is only 72 μA. This is a dramatic reduction from that required for a JFET equipped microphone. The LMV1031, with its separate output and supply pins, offers a higher PSRR and eliminates the need for additional external components.

The LMV1031 is ensured to operate from 2V to 5V supply voltage over the full temperature range, has a fixed voltage gain of 20 dB and enhanced SNR performance. The LMV1031 is optimized for an output biasing of 1.09V.

The LMV1031 has less than 200Ω of output impedance over the full audio bandwidth. The gain response of the LMV1031 is flat within the audio band and is stable over the temperature range.

The LMV1031 is available in a large dome 4-bump ultra thin DSBGA package that can easily fit on the PCB inside the miniature microphone metal can (package). This package is designed for microphone PCBs requiring 1 kg adhesion criteria.