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Color LED Driver with Audio Synchronizer


Package | PIN: NPC | 32
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $4.30
10-24 $3.87
25-99 $3.61
100-249 $3.16
250-499 $2.96
500-749 $2.52
750-999 $2.12
1000+ $2.03


  • Audio Synchronization for Color LEDs with Two Modes: Amplitude and Frequency
  • Programmable Frequency and Amplitude Response with Tracking Speed Control
  • Automatic Gain Control or Selectable Gain for Input Signal Optimization
  • RGB Pattern Generator Similar to LP3933/LP3936
  • Magnetic DC-DC Boost Converter with Programmable Boost Output Voltage
  • Selectable SPI or I2C Compatible Interface
  • One Pin Default Enable for Non-Serial Interface Users. One Pin Selector for Synchronization Mode
  • Space Efficient 32-Pin TLGA Package

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Texas Instruments  LP3950SL/NOPB

The LP3950 is a color LED driver with a built-in audio synchronization feature for any analog audio input such as polyphonic ring tones and MP3 music. LEDs can be synchronized to an audio signal with two methods - amplitude and frequency. Also several fine tuning options are available for differentiation purposes. The chip also has an unique AGC (Automatic Gain Control) feature which tracks the input signal level and automatically adjusts the gain to an optimal value.

The LP3950 has a high efficiency magnetic DC/DC converter with programmable output voltage and switching frequency. The converter has high output current capability so it is also able to drive flash LEDs in camera phone applications.

The LP3950 is similar to LP3933 and LP3936 in that the color LEDs (or RGB LEDs) can also be programmed to generate light patterns (programmable color, intensity, on/off timing, slope and blinking cycle).

All functions are software controllable through a SPI or I2C compatible interface but the device also supports one pin control for enabling predefined (default) audio synchronization mode.