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6-Channel Color LED Driver with Audio Synchronization


Package | PIN: YPG | 36
Temp: S (-30 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $2.77
10-24 $2.50
25-99 $2.32
100-249 $2.04
250-499 $1.91
500-749 $1.62
750-999 $1.37
1000+ $1.31


  • Constant current and PWM controlled color LED drivers
  • Maximum current 40mA / output in constant current mode, supports also switch mode control with 50 mA maximum current / output
  • Complete audio synchronization for color/RGB LEDs with amplitude, frequency and speed optimization
  • Command based lighting pattern generator for RGB LEDs
  • Programmable ON/OFF blinking sequences for RGB1 outputs
  • High efficiency Boost DC-DC converter with programmable VOUTand fSW
  • I2C compatible interface
  • Possibility for external PWM dimming control
  • Small package – 36-bump DSBGA, 3.0 x 3.0 x 0.65 mm

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Texas Instruments  LP3952RL/NOPB

LP3952 is a color LED driver for battery powered handheld devices. It drives any color LEDs including RGB LEDs, indicator LEDs and keypad backlight LEDs. The boost DC-DC converter drives high current loads with high efficiency. The stand-alone command based RGB controller is feature rich and easy to configure. Different lighting patterns and blinking sequences can be programmed to driver registers. Built-in audio synchronization feature allows user to synchronize the color LEDs to audio signal. LED lighting can be controlled either by audio signal amplitude or frequency. There are many controls available for audio synchronization to get desired lighting effect, including gain, speed, and different filter settings. The flexible I2C interface allows easy control of LP3952. LED outputs can be also controlled with external PWM signal. Small DSBGA package together with minimum number of external components is a best fit for handheld devices.