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Quadruple Low-Power Line Driver


Package | PIN: D | 14
Temp: C (0 to 70)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $3.01
10-24 $2.69
25-99 $2.50
100-249 $2.18
250-499 $2.01
500-749 $1.69
750-999 $1.39
1000+ $1.27


  • Low Supply Voltage...±5 V to ±15 V
  • Supply Current...500 uA Typical
  • Zero Supply Current When Shut Down
  • Outputs Can Be Driven ±30 V
  • Output Open When Off (3-State)
  • 10-mA Output Drive
  • Outputs of Several Devices Can Be Connected in Parallel
  • Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of ANSI EIA/TIA-232-F Specifications
  • Designed to Be Interchangeable With Linear Technology LT1030

Texas Instruments  LT1030CDR

The LT1030C is an EIA/TIA-232-F line driver that operates over a ±5-V to ±15-V supply-voltage range on low supply current. The device can be shut down to zero supply current. Current limiting fully protects the outputs from externally applied voltages of ±30 V. Since the output swings to within 200 mV of the positive supply and to within 1 V of the negative supply, supply-voltage requirements are minimized.

A major advantage of the LT1030C is the high-impedance output state when the device is off or powered down. This feature allows several different drivers on the same bus.

The device can be used as an EIA/TIA-232-F driver, micropower interface, or level translator, among others.

The LT1030C is characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C.

The D package is available taped and reeled. Add the suffix R to the device type (i.e., LT1030CDR).