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11.7 Gbps Transceiver with Modulator Driver


Package | PIN: RSM | 32
Temp: S (-40 to 100)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $27.50
10-24 $25.71
25-99 $24.90
100-249 $22.13
250-499 $21.97
500-749 $20.66
750-999 $18.55
1000+ $18.49


  • Integrated Limiting Amplifier and Modulator Driver
  • 2-Wire Digital Interface with Integrated DACs and
    ADC for Control and Diagnostic Management
  • Output Polarity Select for TX and RX
  • Electrical and Optical Loopback.
  • Integrated Modulator Driver with Output Amplitude
    up to 2 VPP Single-ended and Bias Current
    up to 150 mA Source.
  • Automatic Power Control (APC) Loop with
    Selectable Monitor PD Range
  • Programmable TX Input Equalizer
  • TX Cross-Point Adjust and De-Emphasis
  • Includes Laser Safety Features
  • Integrated Limiting Amplifier with Programmable
    LOS Threshold
  • Adjustable RX Equalization and Input Threshold
  • Programmable RX Output Voltage and De-
  • Power Supply Monitor and Temperature Sensor
  • Single 2.5-V Supply
  • –40°C to 100°C Operation
  • Surface Mount 4 mm × 4 mm 32-Pin QFN
    Package with 0.4 mm Pitch

Texas Instruments  ONET1130EPRSMT

The ONET1130EP is an integrated modulator driver and limiting amplifier designed to operate from 1 Gbps to 11.7 Gbps. Optical and electrical loopback are included and a two-wire serial interface allows digital control of the features.

The transmit path consists of an adjustable input equalizer for equalization of up to 300 mm (12 inches) of microstrip or stripline transmission line of FR4 printed circuit boards, and an output modulator driver. Output waveform control, in the form of cross-point adjustment and de-emphasis are available to improve the optical eye mask margin. Bias current for the laser is provided and an integrated automatic power control (APC) loop to compensate for variations in average optical power over voltage, temperature and time is included.

The receive path consists of a limiting amplifier with programmable equalization and threshold adjustment, and output de-emphasis to compensate for frequency dependent loss of connectors, microstrips or striplines connected to the output of the device, The receiver output amplitude and loss of signal assert level can be adjusted.

The ONET1130EP contains internal analog to digital and digital to analog converters to support transceiver management and eliminate the need for special purpose microcontrollers.

The transceiver is characterized for operation from –40°C to 100°C case temperatures and is available in a small footprint 4mm × 4mm, 32 pin RoHS compliant VQFN package.