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650MHz unity gain stable JFET input amplifier


Package | PIN: DBV | 5
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $6.54
10-24 $5.88
25-99 $5.49
100-249 $4.93
250-499 $4.60
500-749 $4.00
750-999 $3.46
1000+ $3.39


  • High Bandwidth: 650 MHz (G = 1 V/V)
  • High Slew Rate: 2550 V/µs (4-V Step)
  • Excellent THD: –78 dBc at 10 MHz
  • Low Input Voltage Noise: 8.9 nV/√Hz
  • Fast Overdrive Recovery: 8 ns
  • Fast Settling time (1% 4-V Step): 8 ns
  • Low Input Offset Voltage: ±1 mV
  • Low Input Bias Current: ±10 pA
  • High Output Current: 70 mA

Texas Instruments  OPA659IDBVT

The OPA659 combines a very wideband, unity-gain stable, voltage-feedback operational amplifier with a JFET-input stage to offer an ultra-high dynamic range amplifier for high impedance buffering in data acquisition applications such as oscilloscope front-end amplifiers and machine vision applications such as photodiode transimpedance amplifiers used in wafer inspection.

The wide 650-MHz unity-gain bandwidth is complemented by a very high 2550-V/µs slew rate.

The high input impedance and low bias current provided by the JFET input are supported by the low 8.9-nV/&radic:Hz input voltage noise to achieve a very low integrated noise in wideband photodiode transimpedance applications.

Broad transimpedance bandwidths are possible with the high 350-MHz gain bandwidth product of this device.

Where lower speed with lower quiescent current is required, consider the OPA656. Where unity-gain stability is not required, consider the OPA657.