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Low-Power Stereo CODEC with line-out (H/W Control)


Package | PIN: DB | 24
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $9.73
10-24 $8.75
25-99 $8.17
100-249 $7.33
250-499 $6.84
500-749 $5.95
750-999 $5.15
1000+ $5.05


  • Monolithic 20-Bit ADC and DAC
  • 16/20-Bit Input/Output Data
  • Software Control: PCM3002
  • Hardware Control: PCM3003
  • Stereo ADC:
      Single-Ended Voltage Input
    • Antialiasing Filter
    • 64× Oversampling
    • High Performance
      • THD+N: &3150;86 dB
      • SNR: 90 dB
      • Dynamic Range: 90 dB
  • Stereo DAC:
    • Single-Ended Voltage Output
    • Analog Low-Pass Filter
    • 64× Oversampling
    • High Performance
      • THD+N: –86 dB
      • SNR: 94 dB
      • Dynamic Range: 94 dB
  • Special Features (PCM3002, PCM3003)
    • Digital De-Emphasis: 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
    • Power Down: ADC/DAC Independent
  • Special Features (PCM3002)
    • Digital Attenuation (256 Steps)
    • Soft Mute
    • Digital Loopback
    • Four Alternative Audio Data Formats
  • Sampling Rate: 4 kHz to 48 kHz
  • Single 3-V Power Supply
  • Small Package: SSOP-24
    • DVC Applications
    • DSC Applications
    • Portable/Mobile Audio Applications

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Texas Instruments  PCM3003E

The PCM3002 and PCM3003 are low-cost, single-chip stereo audio codecs (analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters) with single-ended analog voltage input and output.

The ADCs and DACs employ delta-sigma modulation with 64-times oversampling. The ADCs include a digital decimation filter, and the DACs include an 8-times oversampling digital interpolation filter. The DACs also include digital attenuation, de-emphasis, infinite zero detection, and soft mute to form a complete subsystem. The PCM3002 and PCM3003 operate with left-justified (ADC) and right-justified (DAC) formats, while the PCM3002 also supports other formats, including the I2S data format. The PCM3002 and PCM3003 provide a power-down mode that operates on the ADCs and DACs independently.

The PCM3002 and PCM3003 are fabricated using a highly advanced CMOS process, and are available in a 24-pin SSOP package. The PCM3002 and PCM3003 are suitable for a wide variety of cost-sensitive consumer applications where good performance is required.

The PCM3002 programmable functions are controlled by software. The PCM3003 functions, which are controlled by hardware, include de-emphasis, power-down, and audio data format selections.