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Dual Differential Drivers and Receivers With +/-8-kV IEC ESD Protection


Package | PIN: NS | 16
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $2.45
10-24 $2.20
25-99 $2.04
100-249 $1.78
250-499 $1.64
500-749 $1.38
750-999 $1.13
1000+ $1.04


  • Meet or Exceed Standards TIA/EIA-422-B and ITU Recommendation V.11
  • Operate From Single 5-V Power Supply
  • ESD Protection for RS-422 Bus Pins
    • ±15-kV Human-Body Model (HBM)
    • ±8-kV IEC 61000-4-2, Contact Discharge
    • ±8-kV IEC 61000-4-2, Air-Gap Discharge
  • Low Supply-Current Requirements: 9 mA Maximum
  • Low Pulse Skew
  • Receiver Input Impedance . . . 17 kΩ (Typical)
  • Receiver Input Sensitivity . . . ±200 mV
  • Receiver Common-Mode Input Voltage Range of –7 V to +7 V
  • Glitch-Free Power-Up/Power-Down Protection
  • Receiver 3-State Outputs Active-Low Enable (SN65C1167E Only)

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Texas Instruments  SN65C1168ENSR

The SN65C1167E and SN65C1168E consist of dual drivers and dual receivers with ±15-kV ESD(Human Body Model [HBM]) and ±8-kV ESD (IEC61000-4-2 Air-Gap Discharge and Contact Discharge) forRS-422 bus pins. The devices meet the requirements of TIA/EIA-422-B and ITU recommendationV.11.

The SN65C1167E combines dual 3-state differential line drivers and 3-state differentialline receivers, both of which operate from a single 5-V power supply. The driver and receiver haveactive-high and active-low enables, respectively, which can be connected together externally tofunction as direction control.

SN65C1168E drivers have individual active-high enables.