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Quad Channel (Half x4 Lane) PCI Express Gen II Redriver


Package | PIN: RUA | 42
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $10.93
10-24 $9.83
25-99 $9.18
100-249 $8.23
250-499 $7.69
500-749 $6.69
750-999 $5.79
1000+ $5.67


  • 4 Identical Channel PCIe Equalizer/Redriver
  • Support for Both PCIe Gen I (2.5Gbps) and Gen II (5.0 Gbps) Speed
  • Selectable Equalization, De-emphasis, and Output Swing
  • Per Channel Receive Detect (Lane Detection)
  • Selectable Receiver Electrical Idle Threshold Control
  • Low Operating Power Modes
    • Supports Three Low-Power Modes to Enable up to 80% Lower Operating Power
  • Excellent Jitter and Loss Compensation Capability to 50" of 4-mil SL on FR4
  • Small Foot Print – 42 Pin 9 × 3.5 TQFN Package
  • High Protection Against ESD Transient
    • HBM: 6,000 V
    • CDM: 1,000 V
    • MM: 200 V
    • PC MB, Docking Station, Server, Communication Platform, Backplane
      and Cabled Application

Texas Instruments  SN65LVPE504RUAR

The SN65LVPE504 is a quad channel, half four lane PCIe redriver and signal conditioner supporting data rates of up to 5.0Gbps. The device complies with PCIe spec revision 2.1, supporting electrical idle and power management modes.

Programmable EQ, De-Emphasis and Amplitude Swing

The SN65LVPE504 is designed to minimize the signal degradation effects such as crosstalk and inter-symbol interference (ISI) that limits interconnect distance between two devices. The input stage of each channel offers selectable equalization settings that can be programmed to match loss in the channel. The differential outputs provide selectable de-emphasis to compensate for the anticipated distortion PCIe signal will experience. Both equalization and de-emphasis levels for all 4 channels are controlled by the setting of signal control pins EQ, DE and OS.

See Table 1 for EQ, DE and OS setting details.