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Dual Differential Line Driver


Package | PIN: NS | 16
Temp: C (0 to 70)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $2.56
10-24 $2.29
25-99 $2.13
100-249 $1.86
250-499 $1.71
500-749 $1.44
750-999 $1.18
1000+ $1.08


  • Choice of Open-Collector, Open-Emitter, or 3-State Outputs
  • High-Impedance Output State for Party-Line Applications
  • Single-Ended or Differential AND/NAND Outputs
  • Single 5-V Supply
  • Dual Channel Operation
  • Compatible With TTL
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • High-Current Outputs
  • Common and Individual Output Controls
  • Clamp Diodes at Inputs and Outputs
  • Easily Adaptable to SN55114 and SN75114 Applications
  • Designed for Use With SN55115 and SN75115

Texas Instruments  SN75113NSR

The SN55113 and SN75113 dual differential line drivers with 3-state outputs are designed to provide all the features of the SN55114 and SN75114 line drivers with the added feature of driver output controls. Individual controls are provided for each output pair, as well as a common control for both output pairs. If any output is low, the associated output is in a high-impedance state and the output can neither drive nor load the bus. This permits many devices to be connected together on the same transmission line for party-line applications.

The output stages are similar to TTL totem-pole outputs, but with the sink outputs, YS and ZS, and the corresponding active pullup terminals, YP and ZP, available on adjacent package pins.

The SN55113 is characterized for operation over the full military temperature range of -55°C to 125°C. The SN75113 is characterized for operation over the temperature range of 0°C to 70°C.