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Dual Line Driver


Package | PIN: D | 8
Temp: C (0 to 70)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $1.61
10-24 $1.44
25-99 $1.33
100-249 $1.14
250-499 $1.05
500-749 $0.86
750-999 $0.69
1000+ $0.61


  • Meets or Exceeds the Requirement of TIA/EIA-232-F and ITU Recommendation V.28
  • Withstands Sustained Output Short Circuit to Any Low-Impedance Voltage Between -25 V and 25 V
  • 2-us Maximum Transition Time Through the 3-V to -3-V Transition Region Under Full 2500-pF Load
  • Inputs Compatible With Most TTL Families
  • Common Strobe Input
  • Inverting Output
  • Slew Rate Can Be Controlled With an External Capacitor at the Output
  • Standard Supply Voltages...±12 V

Texas Instruments  SN75150DR

The SN75150 is a monolithic dual line driver designed to satisfy the requirements of the standard interface between data-terminal equipment and data-communication equipment as defined by TIA/EIA-232-F. A rate of 20 kbits/s can be transmitted with a full 2500-pF load. Other applications are in data-transmission systems using relatively short single lines, in level translators, and for driving MOS devices. The logic input is compatible with most TTL families. Operation is from 12-V and -12-V power supplies.

The SN75150 is characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C.