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Quadruple Low-Power Line Drivers


Package | PIN: D | 14
Temp: C (0 to 70)
Carrier: Partial Tube
Qty Price
1-9 $4.87
10-24 $4.38
25-99 $4.08
100-249 $3.58
250-499 $3.35
500-749 $2.85
750-999 $2.40
1000+ $2.30


  • Meets ANSI EIA/TIA-232-E and ITU Recommendation V.28
  • Very Low Supply Current
  • Sleep Mode:
    3-State Outputs in High-Impedance State Ultra-Low Supply Current...17 uA Typ
  • Improved Functional Replacement for:
    Motorola MC1488,
    National Semiconductor DS14C88, and
  • CMOS- and TTL-Compatible Data Inputs
  • On-Chip Slew-Rate Limit...30 V/us
  • Output Current Limit...10 mA Typ
  • Wide Supply Voltage Range...±4.5 V
    to ±15 V

Texas Instruments  SN75C198D

The SN75C198 is a monolithic low-power BI-MOS device containing four low-power line drivers designed to interface data terminal equipment (DTE) with data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE) in conformance with the specifications of ANSI EIA/TIA-232-E. The drivers of the SN75C198 are similar to those of the SN75C188 quadruple driver. The drivers have a controlled-output slew rate that is limited to a maximum of 30 V/us. This feature eliminates the need for external components.

The sleep-mode input, SM\, can switch the outputs to high impedance, which avoids the transmission of corrupted data during power-up and allows significant system power savings during data-off periods.

The SN75C198 is characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C.

H = high level, L = low level,
X = irrelevant, Z= high impedance