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Display Port 1:1 Dual-Mode Repeater


Package | PIN: RHH | 36
Temp: S (0 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $3.88
10-24 $3.49
25-99 $3.25
100-249 $2.85
250-499 $2.67
500-749 $2.27
750-999 $1.92
1000+ $1.83


  • DP Signal Repeater Supporting Dual-Mode DisplayPort DP1.1a (DP++) Signaling
  • Supports Data Rates up to 2.7Gbps
  • Participates in DP Link Training to set Output Voltage and Pre-Emphasis Levels
  • Automatic Selectable Equalization for Improved Signal Integrity
  • Integrated HPD Inversion and Level Translation Required on Some Source Platforms
  • Enhanced ESD: 11 kV HBM on All Pins
  • Enhanced Commercial Temperature Range: 0°C to 85°C
  • 36 Pin 6 × 6 QFN Package
    • Personal Computer Market
      • Desktop PC
      • Notebook PC
      • PC Docking Station
      • PC Standalone Video Card

Texas Instruments  SN75DP120RHHR

The SN75DP120 is a single port Dual-Mode DisplayPort (DP++) repeater that regenerates the DP high speed digital link.

Four levels of differential output voltage swing (VOD) and four levels of pre-emphasis are supported in accordance with the DisplayPort specification version 1.1a.The device monitors the AUX channel and automatically adjusts the output signaling levels in response to link training commands. The SN75DP120 also supports multiple selectable levels of equalization to provide improved signal integrity in cases where the input link has a high level of loss. The equalization level will be automatically selected based on link training. The equalization in the DP120 is optimized to compensate losses of up to 6dB for frequencies up to 1.35GHz. This corresponds to approximately 18–24 inches of FR4 trace with 4–6mil width.

A built in level translator for the hot plug detect (HPD) line and level translator / inverter for the cable adapter detect line (CAD) allow for a reduction of the overall circuitry needed for a DisplayPort source system.

When not in use, the SN75DP120 device supports an ultra low power shutdown mode. In this mode the main link outputs are disabled and pulled to GND, and the device draws less then 40 µW of power.

The device is characterized for an extended operational temperature range from 0°C to 85°C.